The 3 Latest Innovations In Plumbing

The 3 Latest Innovations In Plumbing

Written by: Quintin Bentley Crevling


We have come a long way from running to the outhouse late at night. Over the last 100 years the plumbing industry has had a boom of innovations that cultivates a user friendly lifestyle. There have been so many practical inventions in plumbing that innovators have begun to focus on ease of use and making a product more comfortable. The latest innovations in plumbing require reworking old designs, and adding technology to improve cleanliness. The products that are catapulting the industry forward are low flow technologies, touch free faucets, and water filtration systems. To learn more about installing these products contact Plumbing Detectives for more information.


Millions of people are installing low flow products that will help the planet by saving water and ultimately reducing their monthly expenses. Low flow products reduce overall water usage without compromising performance.  These products include toilets, shower heads, and faucets. Environmental laws have recently been passed that require new toilets being sold to use less than 6 liters of water per flush. Before these regulations were implemented a single toilet flush could have used as much as 26 liters of water. Low flow shower heads and faucets work by aerating the water as it comes out of the shower head. Aerating is when air is mixed in with the water stream but does not interrupt the flow of water.  


One of the most important new technologies in plumbing is touch free faucets. These hygienic hands free devices play an important role in limiting the spread of germs, especially in public restrooms. Touch free faucets also greatly reduce the consumption of water by automatically shutting off after a few seconds. Though this technology is typically seen in public places it has many domestic uses. We have all cooked in our kitchen and handled raw chicken and didn’t want to touch the sink and spread potentially dangerous bacteria. A hands free kitchen sink is the perfect way to limit contamination and ensure a clean cooking area.


The best plumbing is the kind that delivers fresh water without any effort. People tend to take fresh running water in our home for granted. Indoor running water has only been available since the 1850’s. Innovations in plumbing has made it so we can filter all of the water coming into our home. This point of entry water filtration system can produce store bought quality water straight from your spigot. There are two common forms of in home filtration. Reverse osmosis is the most effective form of filtration and can remove more than 99% of toxins. This is the same form of filtration many water bottle companies use. Carbon filters work great for entire home filtration, but do not filter as thoroughly as reverse osmosis systems. The best filtration system for a home include a combination of filters. The carbon fiber filters work perfect for faucets and showers while the reverse osmosis filters will give clean water for drinking and cooking.



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