Affordable and Easy Curb Appeal Ideas

Affordable and Easy Curb Appeal Ideas

Written by: Quintin Bentley Crevling


Give your home the makeover it deserves! If you are investing thousands of dollars into your dream home then it should look exactly how you want it to. When you are giving your home a makeover always trust in your judgement and know that you can make additional improvements if you are not happy with the end results. Some of the most affordable ways to give your old home a fresh look is to add some character to your front facade, spend a few hours crafting a garden of your favorite plants, consider various exterior cladding materials, and to have unobstructed walkways that lead to an inviting home.


Your front facade can be the difference between couples picturing their dream home, and young children running away at halloween. You will want to give your front door and the trim around windows a new coat of paint to make it shine like new. You will be amazed at what a bucket of paint can do for the aesthetic appeal of your home. Next, you will want to add some new house numbers that match your newly painted front door. The last step is to replace your light fixtures and old mailbox to accentuate all of the work you have just put into your home.


No home is complete without a garden. Crafting the perfect garden can require a lot of hard work, but nothing makes a house more welcoming than beautiful plants. You will have to decide what type of flowers you want to have in front of your home. There is no right answer and you should pick the plants that you enjoy the most. I suggest buying soil for your garden, because not all soil has enough nutrients for a garden to thrive. If you want to spend a few extra dollars, you could buy a few pots and decorate your front entrance and windows with your favorite flowers.


Many people invest in cladding for the sides of their home. Cladding provides an extra layer of weatherproofing and will improve the overall appearance of the home. There are many different types of materials that can be used for cladding the exterior of a home. One of the most popular cladding materials are stone panels that give the home a rugged outdoors look. Some types of cladding offer a layer of insulation that will help you save money on your electric bill.


When guests come to your home they should be able to walk to your front door unobstructed. People should not have to worry about tripping over any giant cracks, moving to avoid plants and branches, or tripping over objects on the path. To make the walkway pop a bit more you should cut the grass with an edger to give it a well manicured look. It is also a good idea to install inexpensive walkway lights that push into the ground to guide people to your doorstep.


If you follow these simple steps your home will look better than new!


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