3 Hidden Plumbing Issues That Can Cost You Thousands

3 hidden plumbing issues that can cost you thousands

Written by: Quintin Bentley Crevling


Expensive plumbing repairs often happen when we least expect it. The best way to avoid budget breaking plumbing problems is to perform regular inspections of your home and fix small issues before they cause catastrophic damages. Problems such as leaky pipes can quickly be repaired at an inexpensive price if the leak is detected early on. However, there are expensive problems that can arise even if you are a responsible homeowner performing regular inspections. The most expensive of these repairs are broken main water lines, and replacing old external pipes that are susceptible to leaks. To learn more about the costs associated with repairs contact Plumbing Detectives for more information.


The most expensive repairs that could have been avoided are undetected water leaks. These expensive repairs often occur in the areas of the home that are not always utilized. If you have your own home, there is no landlord to save your wallet. You could end up spending a few hundred dollars repairing the leaky pipe, and thousands more repairing the water damage to the structure of the home and any fixtures and appliances affected by the leak. A potentially dangerous issue caused by a leak is black mold, which can cause severe respiratory distress in humans. If you see black mold in your home in a space greater than 3 feet X 3 feet it is required by law that a hazmat team will come into your home to clean the affected areas.


One of the most crippling unforeseen plumbing issues is a broken main water line. This is the piping that connects your home to the public plumbing system. Damage to these pipes is often difficult to detect, and many homeowners will not know there is an issue until puddles begin to form in their yard. A broken water line will require large trenches to be dug into the ground before the extent of the leak can truly be assessed. If your home has older pipes that are difficult to fix, or the break is in an area that cannot be easily accessed your costs will continue to skyrocket. The average cost for homeowners to fix a broken main water line is $3,000, and can be as much as $25,000 if the leak causes property damage.


If you have an older home, you may want to begin preparations to replace all of the pipes. Like most products, pipes have a useful lifespan ranging from 40 years for PVC, and between 80-100 years for various metal piping. Older pipes are more susceptible to leaks that could cost you more to repair than it would have been to replace the piping before a problem arose.  The average cost to completely replace the pipes in a 2 bedroom home ranges from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on the type of pipes you have and the size of your home. Save yourself in the long run and replace your old pipes!


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